This job was a service call to a client in Southern California. He had purchased this Stanley at auction but it had not run in several years. I flew down and spent a few days going over all the systems, repacked valve stems and replaced check valve balls etc. Finally fired it up and he asked me to road test it for an hour to ensure it was going to be reliable. I took it out on the Pacific Coast Highway for a good run after a few circuits of his neighborhood. I had no problem keeping up with traffic on the highway, this thing was fast! I had a smile on my face for a week after that drive! Steam is such a cool method of propulsion, no pun intended. I really enjoy working with steam whenever I get the chance. I have a steam boat, still looking for a car.

Blowing the boiler down after a test drive.

Some of the valve system in the Stanley. I went through all of these making sure everything was functioning correctly.