1902 Holley Motorette
I purchased this 1902 Holley Motorette in 2012 from the estate of local collector Vern Wellburn. After a couple of days work I had it back on the road again. I use it as often as
possible when the weather is good. It's great for running down to the village coffee shop. Top speed is 25 miles an hour, and that is plenty fast enough!

1902 Holley
London to Brighton 1971
 The Holley and it's former owner on the London to Brighton run in 1973. He also shipped it over for the 1991 run. It completed the run both times with no problems.



   Manufactured by the Holley Motor Company, Bradford, Pennsylvania. George and Earl Holley started their business building motorcycles, then a three wheeled Runabout, then from 1902 until 1904 built these cars. Estimates range from 150 to 600 in total number of cars built. Of the five known to exist today, this is the only one with tiller steering and is the earliest known example. It was not equipped with fenders when new. The Holley Company is still in business today making carburettors and fuel systems.


   So far I have been able to determine the following history of this car:


        1913: Ian Mair of Victoria gave this car to the sons of F.B. Pemberton and their friend, William Holmes. The boys drove it and entered it in several parades. All three boys were killed in the First World War.


        1927: Jake Pemberton drove the car in the Victoria Day Parade.


        1949: The Holley was featured in the Kinsmen Automobile Show in Victoria.


        1950: Phil Foster purchased the car from the Pemberton’s.


        1962: Gerry Wellburn purchased the car from Phil Foster.


        1971: The Holley passed on to Gerry’s son Vern Wellburn.


        1973: Vern Wellburn shipped the Holley to England and successfully completed the London to Brighton Run.


        1986: The Holley was on display at Expo 86.


1991: Vern Wellburn once again shipped the Holley to England and completed the London to Brighton Run with his friend Dave Proctor along as co-pilot.


1999: The Holley was car number three in the “100th Anniversary of the Automobile” celebration in British Columbia.


2012: Jim Walters of Cobble Hill purchased the Holley and after a few days work now has it running and back on the road again after many years.

The Holley at Fosters
The Holley at Phil Foster's Service Station circa 1954.

The Holley engine, all 5 1/2 HP!