This 1968 Morgan Plus 4 was shipped to us recently from Virginia for renovation. We have restored over fifteen Morgans over the years, many of them body off ground ups.This one will have the engine rebuilt, suspension and brakes overhauled, body repaired as necessary and new paint and upholstery.

              Rear deck rusted through along bottom edge, best repair is to fabricate a new one.

Removal of the right rear quarter panel revealed this terrible patch under the bondo and rust.
We will fabricate a whole new quarter and fit it to the body.

Surprisingly the wood was not totally rotten. The left side was solid however the right sill board
and B post was a little soft in about half an inch. The client didn't want to get into a major job so
we cut away the rotten wood and spliced in ash repair sections using West System epoxy.

                        Before                                             and after new rear deck made and installed.

Left rear wing as it came off                                  and after glass beading.

Left rear wing after rust cut out and            Rear deck and quarter fitted, new section
           patch TIG welded in.                                     for rear 18 inches of front wing made and fitted.

Painted dark blue and just about finished.