This 1968 Morgan 4/4 was bought  in 1982 in the condition shown in the pictures below. I have been SLOWLY restoring it over the past twenty odd years for my personal use. The wood bodyframe and chassis have been completed as well as most of the body panels. It should be a rolling chassis by next summer, if I can find the time!



Wood bodyframe rebuilt.                            Treated with Cuprinol and painted.

New chassis powdercoated.

We have restored well over a dozen Morgans over the past twenty five years. We supply parts direct from the Morgan factory and our parts department keeps the usual items like kingpins and bushes, brake pads, rebuilt calipers and engine parts on hand. We have patterns for all of the woodwork and can build you a new bodyframe. Our bodyshop can fabricate any body panel for your Morgan in either aluminum or steel.